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strew these tulips about your bathroom


9:02 p.m. Creating this very "dreamy" webpage with TWEEN editors, staff and TWEEN Member advisors. I don't know where I got the inspiration for the title. It just popped up. Lulubelle is a very cute name though. Don't you think? Gemma, you are hilarious!


Challenge: Can you find all the secret links?

My top five cute names:


The top 3 Bath and Body Works Fragrance Picks:
Cucumber Melon
Moonlight Path
Sweet Pea Lulubelle's fave



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Gowns by Elizabeth Genevieve




Choose which gown you like best. List goes top to bottom, left to right.
Sands of Jupiter
Cherry Blossom Ming
Bud Ming
Violet Ming



Book of choice: Bridget Jones's Diary


These TWEEN Members showed amazing talent, creativity or inspiration in their submissions to TWEEN:
Congratulations guys!
You could be the next TWEEN Member Award recipient! Just send us a comment saying what's on your mind, what you think of your site, something you created you want us to use on our site, scanned drawings or photos; pretty much send us whatever you want! Just remember to include your email and TWEEN Nickname in your submission. Our TCI TWEEN Member Award recipient will receive a certificate of award and a Sands of Jupiter Gown by Elizabeth Genvieve. Each of our next TWEEN Member Award recipients will recieve an autographed copy of You Make It Happen by Marice Gray. Good luck!


A little survey
Check if you like...
capri pants
Mystic Pizza
hip huggers
oatmeal cream pies
Matt Damon
Arija Bareikis (from Deuce Bigalo)
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The Ohnika Dedication Award goes to Hanu239 for being the most responsive, interactive TWEEN member last issue. We thank all of you who responded to our forms, surveys and thosd of you who sent input! Congratulations Hanu239!


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Thanks to the editors, staff, advisors, award recipients, readers, and people who submitted stuff! Special thanks goes out to Gemma Cullen. Thanks for all your hard work and determination.
We were going to remove the Betsy-Tacy link from our site, but after hearing the comment from Hedgie-Boo we decided to leave it but put it in a different place. So here it is: Betsy-Tacy Link


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