Dear Lulubelle,

Are you asking for comments on the disco link or on your website? Your site is totally lovely! I really REALLY want to learn how to do this and make my own webpage, just like you. This is so brilliant!

My favorite part here is the little walking polar bear! I am enjoying the links, too, and so far, my two favorite linked sites are that dragonfly (shoes?) and the Betsy-Tacy one.

This is totally lovely! I want to grow up just like you!

Nickname2: Hedgie-Boo

Dear Hedgie-Boo:

The comment box is for the whole site. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the clue-in.


Dear Tweenfolk,
I think the goats should be named: Yaami, Saami, Naani, and Faani.

Dear Joanni,

Thank you for your adorable name submissions. Not many other people were really interested in the goats.


Dear Tween Ladies,

I sure do love your Tween stuff, especially your fashion designs. How can I become a fashion designer?

Marilla Burt

Dear Marilla,

You will be glad to hear that there is going to be a major fashion portion next issue! Perhaps you should apply to become a TWEEN advisor. Just send us a comment with your name, email, and request and we will email you back.


Message to the editors: Dear Stella Adel...Javenson-Chang,

I'm sorry, I cannot remember your whole name. I have two questions for you. Number one: How do you do your hair in those cute circle braid things? Number two: How did you get so many names. I would be so glad if you would answer.

Dinah Might

Dear Dinah Might,

I might be a bit confused about which circle braids you are talking about. But check out Betsy's Beauty Book at bookstores everywhere for tips on everthing from circle braids to how to look good in a picture.


Message to the editors: Dear Anna, Betsy, and Libby,

I wonder if you are still doing TWEEN? It is so cool.

Lemonette Boisson

Dear Lemonette,

Betsy, Anna, and Libby are still going strong as editors of TWEEN! We have alot more help from advisors and stuff now so we gave them most of the glory! lol!


Message to the editors:
I like your page alot. It's not the best looking, but the content rox! Thanx alot 4 making a really kewl site 4 tweens. There aren't really any other good ones out there 4 us 10 to 13 year olds. -Lana

Dear Lana:

We are glad we can make TWEENS happy! We are working to update our visuals and navigation to make our site look better and feel better. Thanks for the input!