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Dear Lulubelle,

I am going to adopt a kitten and I don't know what to name it. My mom says Kiki and my friends say Puddles. The trouble is, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. Can you help me out?


This is a tough sitch your in. I would say go with the name you like best. It's your kitten after all. Just for your info I like Puddles better. Don't tell your mom I said that.


Hey Lulu,

My name is Gemmima, but I want people to call me Gem. My stubborn Grandma, however, insists on calling me Gemmima. I don't want to make her mad but I think she should call me what I want her to call me. What should I do?


This reminds me of a girl I once new who wanted to be called Lulubelle, instead of her baby name Bella, and her Uncle wouldn't do it. Just remember your Grandma has been calling you Gemmima since you were a baby and it may be a sort of emotional attachment issue. Just give her time to get used to it. Just like my old uncle Joel did. Oops, I mean that girl's old uncle Joel.

Dear TWEEN advice columnist,

My school, Susan B. Anthony Elementary, is thinking of changing it's name to Anton Dominic Elementary because we are receiving a large donation from Mr. Anton Dominic's great-grandson, or something. Anyway, my friends and I are proud of Susan B. Anthony and her impact on society and don't want the name to be changed. Should we start a rally or protest? Can we take legal action? Help!


Wow! I am impressed. It is great that you feel so strongly about this and want to get involved. Schedule a meeting with your school administers and ask them if you can a) have a meeting with this Anton person. and b) start a (keyword) campaign to leave the name as it is. Good Luck!




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