About the Tween Member Advisors

Uh... we are the only advisors who weren't busy with something for next issue so we had time to right our mini-bios.

David Afens


Also I am afa-David. I just started this TWEEN advisor buisness. I feel sortof stupid seeing as how this is a girl's site, but I guess they need some male input. My sister Kelsi made me see this site and I responded to a form. TWEEN emailed me back saying I had recieved a TWEEN Member award. I had a telephone interview and they asked me to join the advisory board. I really don't know what else to say.

Gisha Ruhe-Beuter


Hello! My name is Gisha. I live in Waterdale, Virginia. I like mountain biking and stamp collecting. I am going to a stamp show in three weeks. I also have started collecting those Just the Right Shoe things. So if you want to send me some, go right ahead. :) I have a sister called Karainka.

Lina Rochelle Davis


Hi Tweens! I am Lina Rochelle. I live in Oskaloosa, IA. I have a horse named Mercury and a dog named Bashful. She is not bashful. I just liked Snow White ALOT when we got her. I have a brother named Preston. I like to sew and quilt and play video games. The only cool thing about me is that I have a cabbage patch name.

Kati Fredericks


My name is Kati. I live in Bemidji, Minnesota. I applied to be a TWEEN advisor twice before they asked me to join the board. HOW RUDE ;~) I enjoy ballet and kickboxing. I have two brothers, Garret and Preston.

McKaela Grahm


Hi I'm McKaela! You can call me Kae or McKaela. I will be 14 in 5 months. I live in Dispensa, Illinois. I enjoy cheerleading, German, web design and gardening. I applied to be a TWEEN advisor because I thought I could help improve the fashion and beauty portion of their site. I have a sister named Genelle who is living in Italy, and an eight-year-old brother Max who is looking over my shoulder as I type this.

Seaclyn Gymander


Hi I'm Seaclyn. I was born in Aberystwyth, Wales, to two very eccentric parents. My sisters Danya and Beryl suffered the same fate. lol. I got involved with TWEEN when I stumbled on their sight after making a typo in my search for TEEN. The E and the W are right next to eachother on the keyboard. You get my drift. I am 14 and not really a TWEEN but I was when I started so I guess I'm qualified. I like to oil paint and play hockey.

Almonique Hammond


- Hi guys! Niquey here. Is'nt this TWEEN sight Kewl?!?!? The TWEEN staff came to my school and asked some kids to help out with the first issue and me and my sister Isa were chosen. She is taking a break from this issue though. Her loss! I like to surf the web (obviously) and go shopping. My favorite movie is She's all that.

Gabrielle Hoballah


- Greetings Tween Members! I am Gabrielle Hoballah. My friends call me Ella, my grandparents call me Gabi and everyone in my house calls me Brie. My family is my sisters Philippa, Amabel and Donada, my brothers Finlay,Duncan and Bryce, my parents Bianca and Miles and my dove Eskimo. WHEW! I take figure skating, piano and religion. Wierd/Cool fact: I once was stung by a jellyfish.

Lydia O'Toole


-This is Tules! Don't call me Lydia! OR ELSE! I don't even know why I put that name up here. I like shopping, makeup "art", fashion design and photography. That is how I got interested in TWEEN. We are working on a big fashion/beauty special for next issue! : )

Cory Sammler


-Hey "tweeners"! Uh...this is Cory. I live in Hazelton, Minnesota. I go to Hazelton Middle School. My favorite food is pizza. BORING! Right?!?! The only semi exciting thing about me, besides being a TMA is that I have a twin brother Conner. He is boring too. Trust me. Oh yeah, and my mom, Megan, is pregnant and she doesn't want to know what it is. And guess what she is naming it! Either Douglas or Margot! Yuck!

Molly Shaw


- I was born in Iowa City, IA. I am homeschooled. I have 1 brother, Alex. I got interested in TWEEN because I was trying to make me own teen site but it was a major flop. The TWEEN staff spotted it and thought I had some potential so they asked me to join. And here I am. I like fishing + camping and really like to use the digital video camera.

Audrey Shitten


Hi, this is Audrey. I live in Newton, Rhode Island. I live with my dad. I guess the only thing interesting about me is that I was held back a year after second grade because I had pneumonia. I like to swim and draw.

Rigmor Savonen


I am Rigmor Savonen. I was born in Helsinki, Finnland. I like to play the flute and study French. I have a brother named Perti. I now live in Tresco, Arkansas. I go to Bradford- Tresco Junior High School. My favorite subject is Media Workshop. I began to work on TWEEN during a project for that class. I enjoyed TWEEN so I chose to continue working on it.

Peyton Travis


Name: Peyton Travis
Hometown: Newton, Rhode Island
Siblings: Carrera
hobbies: video games, skateboarding

Brian Wallbury


- Hi Brian speaking. I go to the same school as Almonique. Read hers to find out how we got involved. My favorite show is the Simpsons. BEARS RULE!



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