Beauty Quiz

1) You are getting ready to go out with the girls the amount of time you spend is...

a) about 30 seconds, enough time to put your hair in a pony tail.

b) 2 hours, the same amount of time you spend getting ready for a date.

c) half an hour, you shower and paint your toenails.


2)You hit the makeup department of Target you...

a) stand around nagging your friends to get going.

b) head for the maybelline section, you heard about this new lipstick shade. Oh, and you also wanted to check out the new warming face masks. Oh yeah, and would your friends mind if you just took a quick look at the body gems, and brush sets?

c) grab some powder fresh deodorant and spritz on a perfect peach tester.


3) It is girls night in. You can be found...

a) bouncing a super ball off the wall.

b) giving your friends complete makeovers; hair, face, clothes, the works.

c)taking this TWEEN beauty quiz.


4) Tomorrow is picture day you are...

a) watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

b) with a avacado oatmeal mask on your face, tweezers in one hand and one of your blouse choices in the other.

c) pulling out your navy blue GAP sweater.


5) Katie calls and invites you to a spur of the moment slumber party. You reply.

a) "Great! I'll be right there." you are already on your bike.

b) "Great! Is it o.k if I come in like 2 hours, I have some stuff I have to do." meaning: shower, blow dry, curl, spray, paint, apply, reapply, shave, lather, pluck and blot.

c)"Great! I'll be there in like 20 minutes. I have to pack and take a quick shower."


Mostly A's

Mostly B's

Mostly C's