Embarrassing Moments

I got a new bike for my birthday and wanted to try it out, so I rode it to school the next day. When school was over I set out for home. ON FOOT. I forgot that I had ridden it to school. The worst part is, that by the time I remembered it was 5:30 during boy's basketball practice. I had to explain to the coach why I was at the school so late in front of the entire team.


I was at a dentist appointment during German one day and so I didn't get the yellow verb conjugation sheet. When I came back the next day she told me to remind her to give me the sheet later in class. She was talking in front of the class and I was busy writing a note to Sarah so I wasn't paying any attention. I saw her slip a yellow overhead onto the projector. I raised my hand and said "Oh, I didn't get that sheet."
"I haven't handed this out yet" she replied
"Yeah you did. You told me to remind you to give it to me. Remember you told me to remind you to give me the verb-conj sheet!" I said. The trouble was that it wasn't the verb- conj sheet on the overhead, it was a poem we were suppose to be copying. I humiliated myself in front of the whole class and I got a detention for not paying attention.



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