Betsy and Jim in New York City

March 2004



March 13th

Departure from Cedar Rapids at 8:55 a.m.

Arrival at LGA at 2:02 p.m.

Flight info

Staying at the

Mansfield Hotel

12 West 44th Street (off Fifth Ave.)

New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212. 944.6050

Article: I Found My Perfect Match

Afternoon arrive at hotel
March 14th
Morning Flea Market (Betsy)

2:30 p.m. Play--Small Tragedy

Playbill: Small Tragedy commences with auditions for an out-of-town production of Oedipus Rex and progresses through rehearsals, where backstage relationships among the six-member cast threaten to sabotage the production. As rehearsals continue, hidden truths emerge, and reality begins to emulate Oedipus in startling ways.

Playwrights Horizons 416 West 42nd Street Theatre District
South side of 42nd Street, between Ninth & Tenth Avenues
Closest subway: A, C, E to 42nd St., walk west to theatre
March 15th
March 16th



7:00 p.m. Musical--The Producers

St. James Theatre 46 W. 44th Street Theatre District
South side of 44th Street, west of Broadway almost to 8th Avenue; the Helen Hayes Theatre is next door

Closest subway: 1, 2, 3, or 9 to 42nd St. Walk north on Broadway to 44th St, then west to the theatre

March 17th


Tour at 10:30

The Admissions Office is located in 111 Milbank, at the north end of the Barnard campus. Student-led campus tours are held Monday – Friday at 10:30am and 2:30pm. Weekday tours depart from the Admissions Office. Information sessions, led by Admissions staff members, are held Monday – Friday at 11:30am and 3:30pm. No appointments are necessary.

Barnard College is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan between 116th and 120th Streets along the west side of Broadway.

By Subway: In Manhattan, the Broadway local No. 1 & 9 subway stops at 116th Street and Broadway (the Columbia University stop). If you take the No. 2 or No. 3 express trains, transfer to the local No. 1 or 9 at 96th Street. If you ride the #7, N or R lines, transfer to the 1 or 9 local at Times Square/42nd Street. From the A, B, C, or D lines, transfer to the 1 or 9 at 59th Street. The subway fare is $2.00 and Metrocards can be purchased in all subway stations.


2:00 pm. Play--The Stendahl Syndrome
New Yorker: In Terrence McNally’s twin bill at Primary Stages, the playwright displays his narrative skill, his sense of fun, his love of music, and his ability to turn a threadbare theatrical trope into a surprising, complex gesture. A tour guide and her clients contemplate Michelangelo’s “David” in “Full Frontal Nudity,” the first of two one-acts, and succumb to a state of aesthetic surrender that characterizes the evening’s eponymous syndrome. The second play, “Prelude and Liebestod,” places the audience in a concert hall, at the feet of a preening, histrionic conductor (Richard Thomas), who whips the musicians and himself into a crescendo of wild-eyed Wagnerian passion, as his wife (Isabella Rossellini) and an infatuated male fan (Yul Vasquez) stare down on him from box seats on opposite sides of the auditorium. In the last measures of the “Liebestod,” the conductor drives his baton into his abdomen. As comic epiphanies go, McNally’s marriage of ecstasy and extinction has a delightfully perverse logic.

59E59 59 East 59th Street    


March 18th

8:00 p.m. Play--Embedded
New Yorker: In a timely satire written and directed by Tim Robbins, media frenzy and front-line blunders attend a conflict in the Middle East.

Public Theatre/Newman 425 Lafayette St East Village
West side of Lafayette Street, just south of Astor Place
Closest Subway: 6 to Astor Place. Walk south to Lafayette St


March 19th

8 p.m. Play--The Perfect Crime

Epinions: You have the time, the money and the desire to see a play. You also have had it with the long line at Duffy Square to get the two for one tickets to your favorite show. Don't despair. Right across the street from the long lines of Duffy Square is a little theater (Duffy Theater) that is housing a slick little mystery, The Perfect Crime.
The play is about the murder of a psychiatrist allegedly by his wife, who is also a psychiatrist. The other characters in the play are a detective who falls in love with the not so "good" doctor, a patient with cross dressing habits, and the doctor's lover who is impersonating the deceased doctor. more...

Duffy Theater 1553 Broadway Theatre District
Broadway near the corner of 47th Street
Closest subway: N,R to 49th Street; walk south to the theatre
March 20th

Return to Cedar Rapids at 1 p.m.